If you upgrade to the new AOL Desktop 9.7, you'll get the fastest, easiest and most convenient version available. The things that you love about the AOL Desktop Software are all still here, just better! And best of all, this update is free!

New Enhancements Include:

  • Improved speed and performance with the new browser.


  • As with all AOL Desktop Software Updates, this is free of charge.
  • For more information, please visit the AOL Desktop 9.7 Information Page.

To update to the new AOL Desktop 9.7:

1. When you see the Active Update pop-up shown below, click Install Now to continue.

Active Update

Note: After clicking Install, you may be asked to shut down any AOL applications that may be open. Close any open AOL application and click Continue Install.

Thanks for choosing to install AOL Desktop 9.7

2. Select which version of the AOL Desktop Software you would like to upgrade, and click Continue.

AOL Desktop 9.7

3. Select your preferred software settings by checking the corresponding check boxes and then click Continue.

AOL Desktop 9.7

4. Review your selected settings and click Install Now

AOL Desktop 9.7

5. Congratulations! The new AOL Desktop 9.7 is being installed on your computer.