Your AOL software offers comprehensive antivirus protection for your email.

Scan emails for viruses

The Antivirus email Scanning Service is a virus protection service that will offer free host-based scanning and repair of email attachments for all AOL email users. This is great for members and potential members, because the service enhances the safety for all members using email.

The Antivirus email Scanning service scans all email attachments and repairs infected files. If a virus is detected in an email attachment, the service will repair it and the member will be notified by a Virus Protection pop up. If the scan is unable to repair an infected file, the sender of the email will get a mail bounce message letting them know that the message was not sent because the attachment had a virus that could not be cleaned.

AOL also offers comprehensive antivirus protection, which is always on guard and automatically updated every time you sign on. It protects your entire computer, whether you're online or offline, by regularly scanning all potential virus sources, including music downloads, digital pictures, CDs, and more.

It also scans email attachments when you try to open them or save them to your hard drive. This scanning is done in the background. For best results, don't open email attachments directly from an email message. Save email attachments to your hard drive, then open the file on your computer.

Note: If an attachment contains a known virus, VirusScan detects it when you try to save it to your hard drive. A window alerts you about the virus and provides options to handle it.

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