How much time should your kids spend on the internet? It's entirely up to you. Using Parental Controls, you can control the amount of time, hours during the day, or even days of the week that your kids can go online with AOL. Custom daily limits even allow you to select a different time limit for each day of the week.

Set the AOL Parental Controls Online Timer

To set the AOL Parental Controls Online Timer, please follow the directions below:

Note: The Online Timer settings can only be modified by master or adult AOL Usernames.

1. Sign on to AOL Parental Controls using the master AOL Username at

2. Select the desired AOL Username you wish to set the online timer for.

3. Next to Edit, click Time Limits.

Time Limits

5. Under Time Limits, select the desired access level from the Allow your child online drop-down menu.

Allow your child online

6. Select the appropriate time zone from the Choose a Timezone drop-down menu.

Choose a Timezone

7. Click Save, and then click OK.


Important: AOL Parental Controls settings are enforced only when using the AOL software. For these controls to be enforced, users must sign on with an AOL Username and password before accessing the internet through the AOL software. If you have not already installed the AOL software, please visit Discover AOL to do so.