Note: Upgrade to the latest version of the AOL Desktop software to take advantage of great new features!

The AOL TopSpeed Web acceleration technology is a feature designed to speed up the Web browsing experience on your AOL Desktop Software. The TopSpeed technology creates its own local browser cache on your computer and uses this cache to check for graphics before seeking out information on the AOL service. AOL TopSpeed helps protect members from phishing scams by automatically blocking access to known phishing sites.

You can use TopSpeed with the AOL Desktop Software. As long as you have sufficient free disk space and a properly set up firewall, you can take advantage of the TopSpeed Web acceleration technology.

How do I install the AOL TopSpeed software?

AOL TopSpeed is installed and supported automatically when you install any version of AOL Desktop.

How do I uninstall the AOL TopSpeed software?

To uninstall the AOL TopSpeed software follow these steps :

1. Open My Computer.

2. Open the Local Disk(C:) drive.

My Computer

3. Double click on the folder named Program Files.
Note: If you see a folder named Program Files(x86) double click it instead of Program Files.

program files

4. Double click the folder named Common Files.

common files

5. Locate the folder named AOL and double click to open it.

AOL folder

6. In here double click on the folder named TopSpeed.

TopSpeed folder

7. Now the run the uninstaller and wait for the folder TopSpeed to disappear.

TopSpeed disappeared

8. Now restart the computer and you're done !

Will the TopSpeed Technology work on a dial-up connection?

TopSpeed works on dial-up as well as high-speed connections.

How much browsing time can I save while using TopSpeed?

The TopSpeed technology helps you save browsing time through compression and caching. The actual time saved, however, is difficult to measure. Your browsing experience is dependent on your network conditions and congestion as well as the server availability.

In AOL Desktop, the TopSpeed technology has a time saved indicator, which gives an estimation of the time saved since you first started using TopSpeed or you last reset the counter. The estimation is based on the periodic sampling of your network conditions during browsing..

How do I close TopSpeed Web Acceleration in Windows Task Manager?

TopSpeed Web acceleration is displayed in your Windows Task Manager or Close Programs window as either AOLWBSPD.EXE or AOLTPSPD.EXE.

Note: TopSpeed Web acceleration will restart itself the next time you start your AOL Desktop Software.

What is the difference between TopSpeed cache and browser cache?

The cache in TopSpeed is separate from the cache for the browser. The TopSpeed cache has the latest technology that speeds up your Web browsing experience. Both caches may be used when you are browsing Web pages.

What is the size of the Top Speed cache?

The TopSpeed cache varies in size depending on the space available on the hard disk.

  • If you have more than 1 GB of available disk space, the TopSpeed cache is 256 MB.
  • If you have more than 512 MB but less than 1 GB of available disk space, the TopSpeed cache is 128 MB.
  • If you have more than 256 MB but less than 512 MB of available disk space, the TopSpeed cache is 64 MB.
  • If you have less than 256 MB of available disk space, the TopSpeed cache is 0 MB (TopSpeed technology is turned off).

Note: The contents of the cache are not available for viewing.

How do I clear the TopSpeed cache?

Most users will not need to clear the TopSpeed cache. However, if you experience significant performance problems while browsing the Web, clearing the TopSpeed cache may help fix the issue.

To know how to clear the cache, you will need to know the version of the AOL Desktop Software installed on your computer. You can find this information by following the instructions given in the help article How do I determine the version of my AOL Desktop Software?

Will the firewall on my computer interrupt AOL TopSpeed?

You may need to configure your firewall appropriately to ensure that TopSpeed works well with it. Ensure that your firewall is set to allow full access for every AOL application, including the TopSpeed programs aoltsmon.exe and aoltpspd.exe.

Just like the AOL service, TopSpeed requires its own port. Instead of using port 5190, TopSpeed will search for an open port to connect within the range of port 11523. If port 11523 is not available, TopSpeed Web acceleration will attempt to use other ports like 11524, 11525, and 11526 to connect.