In 2017 Verizon made a shift in the way their customers would access email. Instead of going through a Verizon mail service, all users would need to migrate over to another mail service like AOL or Yahoo. To help Verizon customers through the process, we've put together a selection of commonly asked questions.

Why has Verizon left the email business?

Over the years, we've realized there are more capable email platforms available to our valued customers. As a result, we decided to get out of the email business and focus our energies with providing the best in TV and internet experiences.

This change will not affect your internet, Fios, TV, or phone service.

Who do I contact if I need help with my email?

For questions with forgotten passwords, lockouts, username info, settings, and all other mail-related questions, you'll need to contact the current email provider for your Verizon account.

If you currently access your email through AOL, visit the AOL Mail help page for additional info.

If you currently access your email through Yahoo, visit the Yahoo Mail help page for additional info.

If you currently access your email through other providers, visit their help site for additional info.

Can I access my email through the AOL app?

Yes! To find out more info about mail in the AOL app, check out our help articles for iOS or Android.

How do I sign in to AOL Mail with my Verizon email address?

You'll need to use your entire email address, including "" when signing in to AOL Mail.

How do I access my email through a 3rd party app like Outlook or Thunderbird?

If you previously used a 3rd party program to access your mail, you'll need to update your password to the one you created when you registered with AOL Mail.

If you would like to use an email client with your new AOL Mail account and you ARE NOT currently using an email client configured with POP3, you'll need to set up your account using IMAP in the 3rd party application.

What happens if I didn't migrate my email address to AOL or extract my info?

Customers no longer have the option to keep their email address or extract their data to another service provider. All info that wasn't migrated to AOL of another email provider before December 5, 2017 has been deleted from our system.