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How do I import contacts in AOL Mail?

Want to import your contacts from another email address to AOL Mail? No problem; it's a snap.

Note: Before you can import contacts, you'll need to export a contacts file from another email address.

To import contacts to AOL Mail:

1. In the left panel, click Contacts.

2. Above your list of contacts, click the More drop-down menu, and then click Import.

User-added image

3. Select the file type of the contacts list you exported (CSV, TXT, or LDIF) and then click Browse for file.

Browse for file

4. Navigate to where you saved the contacts file on your computer, select it, and then click Open.

5. Click Import.

Tada! Your new list of contacts will be added to your existing contacts.

How do I export my contacts?

It's easy to export your contacts as a file -- in your choice of CSV, TXT or LDIF format.

Here's how:

1. In the left panel, click Contacts.

2. Above your list of contacts, click the More drop-down menu, and then click Export.

User-added image

3. Where will you be importing your contacts (Gmail, Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac AddressBook etc.)? Take a quick look in the Help for that application to figure out which format to use for the contacts file you're creating here (CSV, TXT or LDIF). Then select the File Type by clicking the radio button next to it, and click Export.


4. When you click Export, a file called "contacts.csv", "contacts.txt" or "contacts.ldif" is downloaded to your computer depending on the format you selected. Nice work! You have exported your contacts.

Now go do some importing! :-)

How do I create or add a calendar event?

Using the Calendar feature in AOL Mail is a great way to keep track of your important events and dates. You can create and view multiple calendars --- one for your family, one for your bridge club, and another for your soccer team. You can view multiple calendars either one at a time or in combination, enabling you to coordinate schedules and stay on top of your friends' and family's plans.

To create or add a calendar event:

1. There are two ways to easily add a Calendar event.

The first way: In the lower-left panel, click the Events tab (the second from the right) and then click the + sign.

Add events

The second way: In the left panel, click Calendar to open your AOL Calendar and then in the upper right, click New Event.

Add new event

2. In the 'Add Event' window that appears, type the name of the event. You can also:

  • Adjust the date of the event
  • Make it a repeating event
  • Set a reminder
  • Add a location
  • Add notes about the event

3. When you're finished, at the bottom, click Add Event.

How do I import events from other calendar programs?

Did you know you can import calendar events from programs such as Microsoft Outlook in to your AOL Mail Calendar?

Here's how:

1. Sign in to your AOL Calendar.

2. In the upper right, click the More button and then click Import from the drop-menu.

Import under Action

3. Next to Calendar File, click the Browse button.

Calendar File Browse

4. Locate the file that you wish to import, select it, and then click the Open button.

open import file

5. Click the drop-down arrow next to Target Calendar and choose which calendar you want to import the events into.

drop-down arrow next to Target Calendar

6. Next to File Type, choose the option that matches the file you'd like to import and then click Import.

file type

All done! The events included in the file will now be displayed on your selected AOL Mail Calendar.