Video Transcript

When adding or creating an additional Username, keep in mind that you can have up to seven active Usernames, including your primary master Username, for your AOL account.

Before your create an additional Username, please take note of the following tips, Usernames should be three to 16 characters and start with a capital letter. Usernames can be a combination of letters, numbers and spaces, but symbols cannot be used.

To add or create an additional username, Sign in to

Under Username Options, click Manage My Usernames.

In the Add a Screen Name box, type the Username that you wish to add and then click Add.

Note that if the Username you have entered is not available you have the option of entering a new screen name or clicking the let us suggest a screen name for you link. Here you have the option to enter three words. Click Suggest! and AOL will then generate a list of available screen names.

If the Username you entered is available, select an appropriate age category. Depending on the age category you choose, there are certain access restrictions. For more information on the other Age Categories provided, click on Click for detailed definitions of age categories.

For this demonstration, I am going to select General (Ages 18+) as my age category. This will allow my new username access to all content and services.

If you would like to designate the General Username as a master Username, click the checkbox Master Screen Name. Click Continue.

Type a password in the New Password box, and then re-type the password in the Confirm Password box. And then click Continue.

Next, select an Account Security Question from the drop-down menu. And type your answer to the Account Security Question in the Your Answer box, and then re-type the answer in the Re-Type Your Answer box. Click Continue.

A confirmation message appears confirming the creation of the Username and the Age category to which it belongs.

You can now begin using your new AOL Username.