Video Transcript

At AOL we value your safety and security, so we’ve taken the extra step of protecting your AOL account with an Account Security Question, also known as your ASQ. Your ASQ is a question and answer combination that works in conjunction with your password to protect your privacy.

You’ll need to answer your Account Security Question to verify your identity when you access sensitive information. Examples of instances when you will be asked to answer your ASQ include:

When you want to manage your AOL account online, when you want to reset your password through the Forgot Password link, when you contact AOL customer service and an exchange of private account information is required and when you use AOL products that require an extra level of security

At any time you can change your Account Security Question with a few simple steps. Keep in mind that in order to update or change your ASQ, you’ll need to remember your existing ASQ.

Let’s get started. First visit and sign in with your master Username or Email and Password.

Enter the answer to your current Account Security Question and click Continue.

Under Username Options, click Change Account Security Question.

Select an AOL Username from the Screen Name drop-down menu.

Then, select a premade question from the New Account Security Question drop-down menu.

And enter the answer to the selected question in both the Your Answer and Re-Type Your Answer fields. And then click Save.

You’ll receive a message confirming you’ve changed your Account Security Question.

The next time you’re requested to answer your Account Security Question it will be the new question and answer you’ve selected.