Video Transcript

The AOL Desktop Software is AOL's premier all-in-one app that gives you quick access to your email, chat, and the web!

To begin downloading AOL Desktop, visit

Under AOL Desktop, click Download Now. Open the file and click Run.

Note that, if you are using Windows XP click Run again. If you are using Windows 7 or Vista and are prompted by the User Account Control window, click Yes or Continue.

The AOL Desktop installer will launch and begin downloading necessary files for installation.

Next you'll be prompted to shut down any AOL applications you have open. To do this, click CONTINUE INSTALL.

If you already have a previous version of the AOL Desktop software installed on your computer, select Upgrade Existing Version to copy your email, address book settings, as well as other saved data to AOL Desktop. Before doing so, please select your previous version from the drop-down menu provided to make sure AOL copies over your correct data.

If you don't already have a version of the AOL Desktop software on your computer, select Install New Version. After selecting an option, click CONTINUE.

Select your preferred software settings by checking the corresponding check boxes and then click CONTINUE.

Make sure to review your selected settings. And if you so choose, select the folder in which you want to install AOL Desktop 9.7 by clicking CHANGE LOCATION or keep the folder as is.

Then click INSTALL NOW.

Once installation completes, AOL Desktop will begin to run.