Video Transcript

How often do you use wifi? If you’re like most people, probably a lot.

There are so many different kinds of wifi hotspots: in hotels, public parks, airports, airplanes, and of course, coffee shops. But no matter where in the world they are, there’s one thing all public hotspots have in common: none of them are secure.

Wifi signals are just radio waves. Anyone within range can listen in to what you’re sending as easily as tuning to the right station, and they may not have the best of intentions. Your bank account, your credit card numbers, your private emails and IMS. With an ordinary laptop and simple software, a hacker can steal them out of the thin air at any public wifi hotspot. Firewalls or antivirus software can’t stop it, but PRIVATE WiFi™ can.

PRIVATE WiFi is simple software that encrypts all the data going into and out of your computer. Instead of leaving your data unprotected for anyone to see, PRIVATE WiFi automatically reroutes it through one of our secure servers using the same proven encryption used by banks and government agencies. If a hacker tries to see what you’re sending, all they’ll see is gibberish.

With PRIVATE WiFi, you’re invisible on any public network, anywhere in the world. You can’t see a hacker, so don’t let them see you. Take back control of your online privacy with PRIVATE WiFi.