Lifestream is a simple and efficient feature that lets you keep track of all your comments on your favorite networking sites such as Digg, Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. Lifestream is currently available on AIM for Windows and AIM for Mac. It is also available on the Web through the Lifestream tab of AIM Express. To check your Lifestream, go to

Lifestream is integrated with AIM Express, AIM 7 and AIM for Mac. Using Lifestream, you can view all updates made by you and your friends on AIM, Facebook, Twitter, and more, all at one place. You can publish your status, broadcast it to your AIM buddies, and even reply to comments on networking sites from your Lifestream tab. For more details, go to

Note: All updates will remain on Lifestream for 14 days from the day the update is made, after which these updates will be automatically deleted.