Blerk ERROR 1 is message that you may get if there is an error in the authentication process for AOL Mail. This is most likely due to settings in your browser, especially if you're using an older or outdated browser, and can be fix by trying the following troubleshooting.

Tip icon. This error message relates to the follow errors: ERR1100, ERR1102, ERR1103, ERR1106, ERR1107, ERR1108, ERR1109, ERR1110, ERR1112, ERR1113, ERR1114, ERR1115, ERR1122, ERR1123, ERR1124, or ERR1125.

Adjust browser settings

Sometimes your browser's security settings can affect how AOL Mail loads. Each browser will have different instructions for adjusting their settings.

Update a saved bookmark

The URL for AOL Mail has changed over time, so if you've bookmarked an older link, it might not work anymore. Make sure any bookmark you have is set to the correct AOL Mail address:

Fix issues with Internet Explorer

AOL recommends using the most updated browser to access the AOL Mail. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer (IE) is no longer considered to be a secure way to access the internet, as Microsoft has stopped updating it. While these troubleshooting steps may help to resolve some issues with accessing AOL Mail on Internet Explorer, we recommend that you update to a newer browser such as Edge (Microsoft's new browser) or Google Chrome.

Add AOL to your trusted sites:

1. Click Tools | Internet Options.

2. Click the Security tab.

3. Click Trusted sites zone.

4. Click Sites.

5. In "Add this website to zone," enter "https://*"

6. Click Add, then OK.

7. Restart Internet Explorer.

Enable Protected Mode Option:

1. Click Tools | Internet Options.

2. Click the Security tab.

3. Click the Internet icon.

4. Select Enable Protected Mode.

5. Click the Trusted sites icon.

6. Select Enable Protected Mode.

7. Restart Internet Explorer.

Run Internet Explorer in No Ad-ons Mode:

1. Click Start.

2. Click All Programs.

3. Click Accessories.

4. Click System Tools.

5. Click Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).