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Accessing AOL Sites or Apps Using Windows 10

How do I find and download AOL apps in the Microsoft store?

Great question! Use the steps below to find all your favorite AOL apps in the Microsoft store.

  1. To find your favorite AOL apps, first open the Start menu and click the Windows Store icon.

    Open the Windows Store

  2. Enter AOL in the Search field.

    Search for AOL apps

  3. View or select the available AOL apps.

    View AOL Apps

  4. Click Install from the App page.

    Click Install

  5. Once the app is installed,click Open to view that app on your desktop.

    Click Open

Use the steps included below to pin an app to your start menu to find your favorites easier!

How do I pin an AOL app to the Windows 10 start menu?

Pinning an AOL app to your Windows 10 Start menu is a simple task, follow the steps below.

  1. Open the Windows Start menu and click All apps.

    Click All Apps

  2. Locate the AOL app in the list.

    Select the AOL App

  3. Right-click on the app name. A small menu will appear.
  4. Click Pin to Start to add this app to your Start menu.

    Select Pin to Start

    Alternatively, you can select Pin to taskbar if you would like to add a shortcut to the bottom of your desktop.

    Pin to taskbar

Now you have easy access to your favorite AOL apps from the Start menu or desktop!

How do I pin to the Windows 10 start menu?

Pinning to your Windows 10 Start menu makes it a snap to stay connected to the latest news, trending videos, and your mail.

  1. Open your Edge browser and navigate to
  2. In the upper right of your browser window, click the three horizontal dots.

    Windows 10 Edge browser more options

  3. In the menu, click Pin to Start.

    Windows 10 Edge Pin to Start

That's it! Now when you open your Start menu, you'll see a tile that provides a shortcut to