To read the AOL Terms of Service, please visit AOL Terms of Service, or sign on to the AOL software and visit AOL Keyword: TOS. The TOS outlines our commitments to you as well as your rights and responsibilities as an AOL member.

What is the AOL Terms of Service?

The AOL Terms of Service contains the basic legal terms of an AOL membership. You can print or save any section of the Terms of Service for future reference.

To read the AOL Member Agreement visit the AOL Terms of Service, or sign on to the AOL service and go to AOL Keyword: TOS. AOL's Terms of Service include a binding arbitration clause and class action waiver. For more information, review the section of our TOS entitled "How to resolve disputes with us".

What are AOL Community Guidelines?

In order to create the best possible online experience for everyone, we request you to abide by the AOL Community Guidelines, our core "code of conduct," in all of your activities on the AOL service. AOL serves a diverse and robust community. Specific areas, products, or services may carry additional standards, and we expect you to review and abide by the standards of the areas you frequent.

The AOL account holder is responsible for all activities on that account. If you are the primary account holder, ensure that anyone using your account, or any Username on your account, is familiar with and agrees to abide by the Community Guidelines. You will be notified of all violations made by any Username on your account. Violations of the Community Guidelines can lead to actions ranging from a warning to AOL account suspension or outright termination. We expect all the content and activities on the AOL service, whether generated by AOL, its partners, or its members, to comply with the Community Guidelines. By content, we mean the information, software, communications, images, sounds, and all the material and information that members and others generate online. Member-generated content areas include but are not limited to chat rooms, message boards, instant messages (IMs), member-created Web pages, and the Member Directory.

We do not pre-screen member-generated content generally, but we reserve the right to remove content that does not comply with the Community Guidelines. If you encounter content or communication that violates these guidelines, we encourage you to utilize the tools and resources outlined in the last section of this document.

To learn more, please read the AOL Community Guidelines.

What is contained in the AOL Privacy Policy?

At AOL, our members' privacy has always been one of our most important values. The AOL Privacy Policy explains our practices for collecting and handling your personal information as an AOL member as well as what choices you have about its use. We believe that AOL's Privacy Commitments and Privacy Policy should give you confidence whenever you use the AOL service.

To read the AOL Member Privacy Policy visit the AOL Privacy Policy, or sign on to the AOL service and go to AOL Keyword: Privacy Policy.

Report Terms of Service violations

You can file complaints about inappropriate emails, web pages, or online activities. Most Internet services have Terms of Service similar to AOL's. If you see online violations, you can report them in order to ensure that the web is a safe place.

To report Internet Terms of Service violations by AOL members:

Send a copy of the original posting to the email address

To report Internet Terms of Service violations by non-AOL members:

Send a copy of the posting to postmaster@site.domain, where site.domain is the Internet address of the person who posted the message.

AOL Terms Of Service Agreement window appears at sign on

Once you have updated your payment method to either a debit card or a checking account by calling AOL customer support, you’ll need to sign on to your AOL account using your master Username within 24 hours of the call. On sign on, you’ll receive an AOL Terms Of Service Agreement notification window prompting you to confirm your new payment method. This notification appears because you have a temporary billing block on your AOL account. To unblock your account, you need to confirm and authorize your payment method for an electronic fund transfer (EFT).

Click I Accept. Please continue on the notification window to confirm your payment method and authorize AOL to automatically deduct the membership fees from your debit/checking account. You should now be able to use the AOL service without any interruptions.

IMPORTANT: If you do not confirm and authorize your payment method, your AOL account will remain blocked and your AOL service will be interrupted.


  • If you do not receive a notification window when you sign on to your AOL account or if you are a WebMail user, please confirm and authorize your payment method by going to My Account. Verify that your latest payment method is updated in your account. Go to Manage My Wallet and Billing Info, under Account Options, and click on Change Payment Method link. Type I Agree in the box provided at the bottom of the screen.
  • If you are unable to view the I Agree box, please update your payment information once again and click Save.