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Manage your AOL username

Your AOL username is the unique identity that gives you access to services like AOL Mail or premium services. For AOL email addresses, your username is the first part of the email address before the @ symbol. For non-AOL email addresses, your username is the entire email address.

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Delete your AOL username

AOL lets you close your account at any time. Before deleting your account, make sure you've cancelled any subscriptions, services, or associated usernames.

Can I change my AOL username?

Unfortunately, you can't change or modify your username once it's been created. If you want a different username, you'll need to create a new account.

How many usernames can I have?

You can have one username per AOL account. The ability to add and restore deleted usernames has been removed on November 30, 2017.

Please note that any new usernames will be created as separate accounts and will not linked to your existing AOL account.

Info on Primary and secondary usernames

A Primary username is the name you created when you first signed up for an AOL account.

In the past, AOL offered the ability to create secondary usernames linked to this Primary username, however, as of November 30, 2017, the ability to add or manage additional usernames has been removed.

You can no longer create secondary usernames or designate alternate Primary usernames. You'll only be able to delete each username separately, as each name is now considered its own account.

How can I view all usernames associated with my AOL account?

All Primary and secondary usernames are now considered their own account, however, if you log in to and scroll down to the Usernames section, you will be able to view any old secondary usernames associated with your Primary username. This can be useful when deleting your account, as a Primary username can't be closed if there are open sub usernames.


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