In a word, spam. People who send spam have a lot of tricks up their sleeves, and one of them is to route their messages through other providers' servers.

The mail address you're sending from is hosted on a server that our systems have identified as "abusive" -- someone appears to be using the server to send out spam. In cases like this AOL temporarily blocks the server and AOL Mail addresses will not receive email sent from it.

As a result, you (the sender) receive a message from your domain's Mailer Daemon alerting you that the message was not delivered. This email contains the specific error code and corresponding reason your message wasn't delivered.

To un-block your mail, the administrator of your email domain (which may be you; more often it is your Internet Provider) should open an AOL Postmaster support request by visiting

Depending on the volume of requests we're currently working on, as well as the extent to which we need to work hand-in-hand with your administrator to resolve the problem, un-blocking a domain can take from a few hours to up to a week to complete.

Thanks in advance for your patience as we work with your provider to get things back on track!