The safety and security of all our users is essential to AOL Mail. To protect your account, most suspected spam messages are automatically filtered, but if you're still getting overwhelmed with unwanted messages, there are additional options you can customize to protect your privacy.

Spam background info

Most people consider getting a little spam the cost of having an online presence, but it can also be a sign of bad things happening to your account. Be aware of the signs of suspicious activity so you know if spam is just an innocent marketing email, or something more serious.

If at any time you think your account was hacked or compromised in any way, change your password immediately!

Manage unwanted emails

While most spam should be caught by our spam filters, sometimes some can slip through. If that happens, there are a few steps you can take to make sure you don't get those annoying emails anymore.

Mark as spam

Once you've marked an email as spam, all future messages from that sender will go directly to your spam folder.

1. Go to AOL Mail
2. Select the spam message.
3. From the top of the page, click Spam.


Mark as not spam

If you make a mistake and accidentally mark an item as spam, click the Not Spam icon at the top of the Spam folder.


Create a spam filter

1. Under your Username, click Options | Mail Settings.
2. Click the Spam Settings tab.
3. Enter the username of email address you want blocked.
4. Click the Plus icon +.
5. Click Save Settings.

To remove an address from the spam filter, hover over the address and click the X.

Block images and links in emails

Disabling links and images from unknown senders can protect you from accidentally downloading a virus or malware with reading your emails.

1. Under your Username, click Options | Mail Settings.
2. Click the "General" tab, if not already there.
3. In the "Reading" section, select the following:

• Hide images in mail from unknown senders.

• Disable links in mail from unknown senders.

4. Click Save Settings.