The AOL MyBenefits page is a personalized, easy-to-use and one-stop-destination for valued AOL members like you to view, activate and manage all the great benefits that are available to you as part of your AOL MyBenefits plan. View a live status of all the valuable features you've activated — and all those you have yet to activate. Plus, take advantage of new benefits immediately once they become available.

To view what your AOL Plan has to offer, check out your AOL MyBenefits page at Don’t forget to bookmark this page so you always have easy access to your benefits!

What is included on my personalized MyBenefits page?

Let’s get you familiar with what’s inside your personalized AOL MyBenefits page so you can take advantage of all your benefits.

You’ll see a list of all the benefits you are eligible for. The information is provided in the following order:

  • Benefit name
  • Benefit description
  • Read More Details link - click to learn more about a particular benefit, log in to the account of a benefit you have already activated, or get help with a benefit
  • Activation button - Usually in the form of Activate Now, Enroll Now, or Download now; click this to begin the activation process for a particular benefit
  • Status indicator - Each benefit will be marked with a green (Activated), red (Eligible), or blue (Always On) circle

How do I activate my benefits?

Activating your benefits is easy! Click the orange Activation button and follow the on-screen prompts. As soon as you have activated a benefit, your status on your MyBenefits page will change from Eligible to Active, and you can feel safe knowing that AOL has your back. Please note that for most benefits, this happens immediately after you successfully complete the on-screen activation process. There may be some benefits that have a longer authorization period, so your status may not change right away.

What is included within my AOL MyBenefits monthly email?

Get the most out of your AOL membership! Once a month, we will send you an AOL MyBenefits email to update you on all the features you’ve activated to date — and all those you have yet to take advantage of.

Your AOL MyBenefits email:

  • Explains all the wonderful benefits available to you as part of your plan.
  • Shows you which benefits you have yet to take advantage of, and lets you activate them directly from the email simply by clicking the individual benefit icon.
  • Displays the features you have already activated and enables you to access those benefits when you need to.
  • Highlights the benefit of the month with a blue exclamation point icon in the upper left corner of the benefit icon.

Every month, we will feature a different benefit available to you, so you can get to know and fully take advantage of the benefits that are included in your AOL membership plan.

Where can I find more information on the different plans and benefits?

For a comprehensive explanation of our AOL membership plans and valuable benefits, please visit the AOL Advantage Plans help article.