AOL Shield Pro: Troubleshooting

Click a heading below to learn what to do if you have one of the issues below while using AOL Shield Pro.

How do I hide the Anti-Keylogging window when watching video in full-screen mode?

This is a bug that we're working on and should have fixed soon. In the meantime you have two options:

1. While watching a video in full-screen mode, the simplest way to remove the Anti-Keylogging bar is to move your pointer on top of the bar and it will go away.

2. You can go into Settings, and under Appearance, uncheck the box next 'Show enhanced security scrambler window.' (access Settings by clicking the menu button in the upper right - the three horizontal lines)

Then close and re-start the AOL Shield Pro browser.

Why do I get a dark gray screen when trying to sign in to Facebook using AOL Shield Pro?

If you're seeing a dark gray screen when trying to sign in to Facebook using the AOL Shield Pro browser, it's caused by a bug in Chromium, the framework that AOL Shield Pro is built on (as well as Chrome).

Facebook is trying to display a pop-up notification, which is causing an error in Chromium. Chromium is working on fixing this problem, but in the meantime, we have a workaround that should solve this issue for you.

To fix the issue:

1. Since this is an issue with a Facebook pop-up notification and Chromium, please close the AOL Shield Pro browser and sign in to Facebook using a browser other than AOL Shield Pro or Chrome (like Firefox, IE, or Edge).

2. When you get the pop-up notification asking would you be willing to accept all Facebook notifications, click "No."

That should do the trick. Close the browser and re-launch AOL Shield Pro. Now you should be able to sign in to Facebook.