There are a variety of different features available to make using easier. Having the ability to make AOL your homepage, access your web page internationally and having additional support methods make getting access to your services and products more convenient.

Set your homepage

You can make the default homepage for your browser so that the AOL homepage is the first thing that appears when opening the internet.

There is a quick option to make AOL your browser's homepage:

1. Go to
2. Select Make AOL my Homepage at the bottom of the navigation sidebar.
3. Click Add AOL to (Browser Name).
4. Follow the steps from the official browser webpage that appears.

You can also set as your homepage manually in your browser's settings:

Set or change your homepage on Safari.
Set or change your homepage on Firefox.
Set or change your homepage on Chrome.
Set or change your homepage on Internet Explorer.

International Access

Are you traveling outside of the country? When traveling outside of your home country you will automatically be redirected to the AOL website of the country you are currently in.

This can be frustrating if you would still prefer to access the page. If you are being redirected and would prefer to access, go to instead of the normal This URL will take you directly to the U.S. version of the AOL homepage.