Change your emails font, format, hyperlinks, and more in AOL Desktop Gold

Use the editor menu to change your font, font color, add hyperlinks, images and more.

1. Launch AOL Desktop Gold.
2. Sign on with your username and password.
3. Click the Write icon Image of the compose email icon. at the top of the window.
4. Click a button or its drop-down arrow (from left to right):

Image of the font button. Select a font.
Image of the font size button. Change font size.
Image of the bold font button. Bold font.
Image of the italicize font button. Italicize font.
Image of the underline font button. Underline words.
Image of the font color button. Choose a text color.
• Image of the background image button. Choose a background text color.
Image of the format text button. Change your emails format.
Image of the emoji button. Add emoticons.
Image of the extras button. Find and replace text, clear formatting, or add the time.
Image of the insert image button. Insert a saved image.
Image of the insert hyperlink button. Insert a hyperlink.