The online world is full of hackers and emerging threats, and one single data security solution isn’t enough. Data Secure by AOL is an all-in-one plan that includes 4 industry-leading products that help secure your sensitive data from online threats and data breaches. Get started today!

  • Keep intruders out: McAfee Multi Access works around the clock to help keep hackers out and continually searches for viruses and malware that are trying to breach your security. For up to 5 of your devices—PCs, Macs, smartphones, and tablets.
  • Encrypt the data you send: Private Wifi uses premium-level security to encrypt everything you send and receive on your computer or mobile device over public WiFi.
  • Real-time data protection: DataMask by AOL creates a secure browsing experience by using anti-keylogging and anti-phishing software that helps protect you from internet threats and identity thieves.
  • Block new emerging threats: Tech Fortress helps block ransomware, viruses, zero-day threats and more that may not be detected by traditional antivirus software.
Data Secure by AOL helps keep your sensitive data safe from cybercriminals and online threats to give you greater peace of mind.

Get started today!

Limitations and Restrictions
  • Unlimited Dial-up Service: Some AOL Plans include unlimited dial-up service. If you purchase one of these plans, high-speed connection is not included. Members in certain areas, including Alaska, may have to pay additional communications charges. If you connect to AOL using a dial-up connection, you may incur additional charges on your telephone bill, depending on your location and calling plan. Please check with your telephone company for more information. Minimum system requirements apply. To find out if your AOL Plan includes dial-up service, please visit MyAccount.