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Access a free AOL plan

If you're already connected to the internet and not using AOL dial-up, you have free access to AOL software, email and several other services. This includes your AOL username and email account accessible at, AOL security services protecting against spam and viruses within your AOL mail account, your AOL Address Book for contacts, as well as, AOL Video and AOL Search.

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Rejoin to an AOL plan

Once you unsubscribe from an AOL plan, you can't sign back in for the same plan. Review the current AOL Subscription plans or get back online using AOL Dialer.

Switch to a Free AOL plan

Switching to a free AOL plan ensures uninterrupted service. Access to your email and other free AOL features remains available as long as you maintain an internet connection.

Get a broadband connection

Reach out to your telephone or cable provider to inquire about the availability of broadband service in your area.

Tip icon.Keep in mind - AOL also offers several reliable and affordable options for connecting to the internet via dial-up. Find out more about our connection plans by calling 1-800-827-6364.