How do I activate AOL MyHealthProtected?

AOL members can now have access to a health savings plan that allows you to have more control over your family’s budget to make your healthcare dollars go farther.

AOL MyHealthProtected offers savings on health services such as prescriptions, vision, hearing, lab work and diagnostic imaging. It also provides 24-hour access to Telemedicine allowing you to consult a medical provider by phone, app or webcam for only a $45 fee.

Follow the instructions below to activate AOL MyHealthProtected:

1. Visit AOL MyHealthProtected weboage.

Note: You can also begin by logging into your MyBenefits page at, locating AOL MyHealthProtected, and clicking Get Started.

2. On the page that opens, click Get Started.
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3. Fill out the enrollment form and click Submit.

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4. That's it! The next step is making a purchase!