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Activate LifeLock Identity Theft Protection

Identity thieves can use your information to open fraudulent credit card accounts, get payday loans, and even file tax returns in your name. Online breaches, public Wi-Fi, shopping online and giving out your Social Security number may expose your personal information. Start your Lifelock membership today to protect against identity theft.

Tip icon.During the enrollment process - if you receive an error, try entering a prior mailing address.

Complete your LifeLock enrollment

1. Go to the LifeLock page.
2. Click Try It Free Now!
3. Sign in with your AOL credentials.
4. Enter your Billing information.
5. Click Start my Free Trial.
6. On the Order Confirmation page, click Get Started Now!
7. Enter the requested info.
8. Click Submit.

To activate a standalone membership post purchase:

1. Click on the link in the LifeLock Confirmation Email or Sign in to My Account.
2. Click My Services.
3. Click Subscriptions.
4. Locate "LifeLock", click Manage.
5. Click Get Started.

Activate your LifeLock protection and set up your Member Account

1. Sign in to AOL MyBenefits.
2. Next to "LifeLock Identity Theft Protection," click Activate Now.
3. Click Activate Now again to confirm.
4. Verify your info.
5. If your info needs to be updated, click edit this information.
6. If the info is correct, select Yes, the address (primary residence) and phone number provided to the left are correct.
7. Enter your personal info.
8. After reviewing the Terms and Conditions, select I accept the LifeLock Terms and Conditions.
9. Click Activate Now.