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ID Protection by AOL

In today’s always-connected world, protecting your identity, finances, credit and personal information is more important than ever. Start protecting your identity today!

  • Own your identity: With LifeLock ® you’ll receive comprehensive identity theft protection that alerts you if suspicious activity is detected. We’ll even help you restore your identity if you become a victim.
  • Securely store passwords: LastPass Premium remembers all your passwords, so you don't have to. You can prevent hacking, simplify online purchases, store digital records, share confidential notes, and more.
  • Reinforce your privacy: MyPrivacy stops leading search databases from exposing your personal information online and to sites that sell it.
  • Around the clock protection: MyReputation Discovery ® provides 24-hour monitoring for mentions of your address, phone number, or other information on the web.
ID Protection by AOL works around the clock to help secure your identity, usernames, passwords and personal information. With the amount of data being stolen and exposed by criminals and hackers, it’s time to get more secure.

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Limitations and Restrictions

  •  LifeLock: Should you change to a plan that does not include LifeLock as a feature or cancel your current plan, you will no longer be eligible for your complimentary LifeLock subscription. Must be an individual in U.S. 18 or older, who has a valid U.S. Social Security number. This special offer can be changed or discontinued at any time.