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ID Verification Privacy Policies

AOL has created a process where members can verify account ownership through photo ID. This process has been created to keep account recovery as seamless as possible while maintaining account and personal security at all times.

How can I use this method of verification?

ID verification is currently available in limited locations and support channels. Your support representative will mention it if it's available, should it help in your particular support request.

What types of identification are accepted?

Currently, we utilize either a Driver’s License or State ID, but stay tuned for other potential options in the future.

How do you use my information, and when will it be deleted?

We value your privacy and want to ensure you have access to the Privacy Policies governing the collection, use, and removal of information submitted for this purpose. Check out Yahoo's Privacy Policy, as AOL is part of the Yahoo family of brands. In addition, AOL and Yahoo work with a third-party identification services provider, Intellicheck, to assist with this process. Check out Intellicheck's Privacy Policy.

Is there a cost to using this method?

None to you, other than any third-party text message or data charges that may apply.

What technology do I need to use this method?

A smartphone with a camera, an internet connection, and the ability to receive text messages.