Identity Guard - FAQs

In today’s world, you must take extra steps to protect your personal information and identity. Identity Guard takes those extra steps for you, providing you with protection for your financial information, passwords, personal data, credit cards, privacy and more.

How do I purchase Identity Guard?

This product is available for purchase online only. If you would like to purchase Identity Guard, go to our product page.

What are the benefits of purchasing Identity Guard?

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing Identity Guard:

  • Securely stores login credentials and payment details
  • Monitors credit activity
  • Provides suspicious activity alerts 24/7 support from a team of Theft Recovery Agents
  • Identity Guard will even provide emergency cash if you’re traveling.

How do I enroll in Identity Guard?

You should have received an email from AOL with activation information to complete your enrollment on the Identity Guard site. If you are having issues with activating your Identity Guard subscription, please call 1-866-401-0637.

How do I purchase Identity Guard for another username?

Unfortunately, at this time, you can only purchase Identity Guard for your own username. If other usernames on your account would like to purchase Identity Guard separately, they may do so by going to our product page.

How do I manage my subscription or get support?

If you purchased Identity Guard, visit My Account to manage or cancel your subscription. For billing or cancellation requests, you may also call 1-866-485-9217.

Why was my subscription cancelled?

We will cancel your subscription if you have not activated it within 29 days of signing up. Check your inbox for a reminder email with a link to continue the activation process.