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Install or Uninstall DataMask by AOL

Install DataMask by AOL

1. Log in to your AOL account.
2. Visit the DataMask by AOL product page.
3. Click Download Now.
4. Open the DataMask by AOL application file.
5. Click Run.
6. Click Next.
7. Click I Agree to accept the License Agreement.
8. Select to reboot your computer now or later.
9. Click Finish.
10. Once your computer restarts, click Enable to allow the software to run on your browser.

Uninstall DataMask by AOL

1. Open the Windows Control Panel.
2. Click Programs.

3. Click DataMask by AOL.
4. Click Change/Remove, Add/Remove, or Uninstall.
- If there is no entry in the Add/Remove Programs window for DataMask by AOL, contact our technical support team at
5. Follow the on screen prompts.
6. Restart your computer to complete the uninstallation.

Tip icon.Important - If DataMask by AOL is included with your AOL Plan, visit to deactivate your DataMask license for the computer which you are uninstalling the software from.

System requirements for installing DataMask by AOL

• Microsoft Windows 8.1
• Latest version of your browser, Edge, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome
• Android: Smartphones and tablets running Android OS 4.0 or higher
• iOS: Smartphones and tablets running Apple iOS 13.6 or higher