Keep your inbox clean by blocking unwanted mail in AOL Desktop Gold

Not being able to find legitimate email in your inbox because of too much spam can be very frustrating. Desktop Gold offers the possibility of blocking mail from certain email addresses, helping you keep a clean inbox.
Block email addresses from the read email view
1. Sign in to Desktop Gold.
2. Open the read email view. 
3. Right click on the email address. 
4. Select Add to Blocked Addresses.  
5. Click Ok to confirm.

Block email addresses from Settings
1. Sign in to Desktop Gold.
2. Click Settings.
3. Click Mail.
4. Click the Spam Controls tab.
5. In the box under Block mail from addresses I specify, type the email addresses that you do not wish to receive mail from. Use commas to separate email addresses.
6. Close the Settings window when you are done or switch to a different tab to save your changes. Once saved, Desktop Gold will order the email addresses alphabetically.

Tip icon Right-clicking on a sender's email address while having an email open gives you the option to add that sender to the blocked list.