Keyboard shortcuts make it easier and quicker to perform some simple tasks in your AOL Mail. Depending on the part of AOL Mail you're in, there may be different shortcuts.

All shortcuts are formatted for Windows computers, but most will work on a Mac by substituting Cmd for Ctrl or Option for Alt.

Shortcuts in Calendar

EAdd an event
MShow month view
VShow week view
OShow day view
NShow next month/week/day
PShow previous month/week/day
Ctrl + EnterSave an event

Shortcuts in Contacts

EAdd a new contact
Alt + XCancel adding or editing contact 
Ctrl + EnterSave a contact
TPrint the current view or selected contacts
XClose contact or distribution list detail

Shortcuts in the Inbox or List View

Alt+WWrite message
Ctrl + Compose Mail buttonWrite message in a new window
Up arrowGo to the previous item in the list
Down arrowGo to the next item in the list
XCheck or uncheck the item in focus
EnterOpen the item in focus
DeleteDelete the item in focus
Page upGo to the first row of the page
Page downGo to the last row of the page
RReply to a message
AReply all to a message 
FForward a message
NKeep the message as Unread 

Shortcuts in the Read Mail window

RReply to an email
AReply all to an email
FForward a message
NGo to the next message
PGo to the previous message
TPrint the message
XClose the message
EAdd to Calendar
DAdd to To Do list

Shortcuts in the Compose Mail window

Alt + =Open spell check
Alt + XClose Compose window
Alt + [Select the "To" box
Alt + ]Select the "Cc" box
Alt + \Select the "Bcc" box
Ctrl + BBold
Ctrl = IItalics
Ctrl + UUnderline
Ctrl + EnterSend email