LifeLock: Take advantage of your second complimentary LifeLock membership

For general instructions on how to activate your complimentary memberships, please review the LifeLock Member Benefit FAQs located here.

If you’re currently paying for an additional LifeLock membership and would like to use your second complimentary membership instead, you must cancel your existing paid LifeLock membership and re-enroll using your second complimentary membership.

  1. Visit
  2. Log in using the AOL username and password that you used to purchase the LifeLock paid membership.
  3. Click My Services |  Subscriptions.
  4. Scroll down the page until you locate your complimentary LifeLock® Identity Theft Protection benefit. If only one email address is displayed, you are eligible for a second complimentary membership. If two email addresses are displayed, you have already taken advantage of your second complimentary membership.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If both complimentary memberships have been activated you may not want to cancel your paid membership in the event that you want to continue the LifeLock protection for the person on that membership.

  5. Once you determine that only one email address is displayed, scroll back up to the top of the page to find your LifeLock paid membership and click Cancel.
  6. Select a cancel reason from the drop-down list. Then, click Cancel LifeLock Basic.
  7. A confirmation message will display on the MyAccount Main page. Check your email inbox, as you should receive a cancel request confirmation email.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Processing of your membership cancellation can take up to one month depending on your billing date. You will not be able to re-subscribe using the same social security number tied to this paid membership until the cancellation is processed.

  8. On your next bill date, once the cancellation of your LifeLock paid membership is processed, you may re-subscribe for the complimentary LifeLock membership using the social security number that was previously tied to your paid membership. Please visit to get started.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you’ve used all of your complimentary memberships and would like to purchase additional LifeLock memberships, please click here to get started.

  9. Locate your LifeLock® Identity Theft Protection benefit and click the Add a Family Member button.
  10. Click on the Get Started button to subscribe for your second complimentary LifeLock membership.