Auto-Suggest saves you time and hassle by filling in email addresses for you. Enter part of someone's name or email in the address fields and get a list of relevant contacts, lists of contacts, and suggestions to include, based on how often you interact with them.

Order of Auto-Suggestions

The contact auto-suggestions that you receive are based on your interactions with those contacts and sorted in the following order:

1. At the top - Contact lists will be displayed in alphabetical order.
2. In Between - Contacts that you've interacted with the most will be displayed first, followed by contacts with fewer interactions (sent emails). This is not in alphabetical order
3. At the bottom - Contacts with no interactions will be displayed in alphabetical order.

• Your contact auto-suggestions are not ordered exactly the same as the contacts found in your Address Book.
• Your auto-suggestions are private and will never be shared with others.

Hide contact auto-suggestions

You can hide unwanted suggestions in order to improve the accuracy of your suggestions. Hiding a contact suggestion will not remove the contact from your address book.
1. Click Compose.
2. Begin entering an email address or contact in the "To" field.
3. When the unwanted contact appears, mouse over it and click X.

Address issues with contact auto-suggestions

Certain browser extensions like Search Encrypt can conflict with the contact auto-suggestions feature, and as a result you might get redirected to different webpages from your inbox screen. To fix this issue you can disable/remove the browser extension that is causing the issue.

If removing the extension is not an option, you can change your mail settings to correct this.
1. Go to Mail Settings.
2. Click Compose.
3. In the Sending section, uncheck the Enhance email address suggestion when composing new emails setting.