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Add access phone numbers to AOL Dialer

You can add new access phone numbers to your AOL software anytime you want. This is especially helpful when you have connection issues when using the AOL service.

The steps to add new access numbers may differ depending on the version of AOL Dialer installed on your computer. If you're using ACS, you'll want to download the latest version of AOL Dialer here.

Connect an access number to AOL Dialer

1. Click Connection Settings from the mail AOL Dialer page and follow the prompts.

Image of the AOL Dialer main screen.

2. Enter your location and connection type and click Next.

Image of the 'Add location' screen in AOL Dialer.

3. Select your dialing options and click Next.

Image of the 'Dialing options' screen in AOL Dialer.

4. Enter your area code and click Next.

Image of the 'Enter your area code' screen in AOL Dialer.

5. Select 2-3 access phone numbers and click Next.

Note: You cannot manually type in an access number. An access number can only be selected from the list provided.

Image of the 'Select access phone numbers' screen in AOL Dialer.

6. Confirm your settings and click Next.

Image of the 'Confirm Dialing' screen in AOL Dialer.

7. Click Sign on.

Image of the 'congratulations' screen in AOL Dialer.