AOL MyLifeProtected - Member Benefit FAQs

As an AOL member you can now have access to a wide variety of digital tools and insurance products to protect the life you’re building and to keep accidents from landing you in debt. AOL MyLifeProtected makes it easier for you to navigate the insurance buying process and understand the market-leading insurance plans that best meet your insurance needs.

Go to the AOL MyLifeProtected webpage to get started. After answering a few questions about yourself and the type(s) of insurance you’re interested in, AOL MyLifeProtected will present you with multiple quotes for you to compare. Once you’ve picked the one you like, an AOL MyLifeProtected representative will call you about the details of your policy and close the deal. That’s it! If you have questions or need help, you can chat online with a representative at any time.

By activating your AOL MyLifeProtected benefit you’ll also get:
  • Exclusive special group rates on auto insurance that are available for AOL members on eligible AOL plans
  • Access to a wide variety of additional insurance policies, including renters, pet and boat
Insurance has never been so easy!


How can I learn more about AOL MyLifeProtected?

To learn about more the features and benefits of AOL MyLifeProtected go to the AOL MyLifeProtected webpage.

Am I eligible for this special offer?

AOL MyLifeProtected is available to all AOL members, however only members on an eligible AOL plan will be able to receive exclusive special group rates on auto insurance. To see if this benefit is included in your AOL plan please go to your AOL MyBenefits page at

How much does it cost? Will there be changes to my billing?

The AOL MyLifeProtected benefit is complementary to AOL members. If you are on an eligible AOL plan and qualify for, and choose to receive the exclusive special group rates on auto insurance, you will arrange your payment method with the insurance carrier. There will be no changes to your AOL bill.

How often can I use it?

You may use the AOL MyLifeProtected benefit to research insurance policies and to obtain quotes as often as you need to. Your special group rate will also apply to your policy upon renewal as long as you have an eligible AOL plan.

How do I get started?

You can get started by going to the AOL MyLifeProtected webpage.

How do I get support?

You can get additional information about AOL MyLifeProtected by visiting the AOL MyLifeProtected webpage.

Can I use these benefits for my family?

Yes, AOL MyLifeProtected benefits can be used for you and your immediate family.

What if I already have insurance, do I need to cancel it?

You will need to contact your current insurance carrier for the specific terms of your policy. However, for auto, homeowners, or renters insurance, an AOL MyLifeProtected agent can help you cancel your current policy.

How will I know if this special offer has been activated?

You can check on the status by going to If it’s been activated, you will see a green circle with a checkmark icon that says “Feature Activated”. Please note, it may take up to two weeks for your activation status to be reflected depending on the insurance type.

How long will I continue to receive my discount?

The AOL MyLifeProtected benefit will be available to you as long as you remain on an eligible AOL plan.

Will I still qualify for the AOL MyLifeProtected benefit if I cancel AOL or change my AOL plan?

You will keep the insurance you have purchased for the length of its policy. However, there is a benefit to having an AOL plan so that you can continue to take advantage of the exclusive special group rates on auto insurance. If you change or cancel your AOL plan, your insurance rates may increase.

How do I cancel my AOL MyLifeProtected insurance policy if I no longer want it?

For your auto, homeowners, or renters insurance policies your AOL MyLifeProtected agent can cancel your policy for you. For your other insurance policies, you will need to contact your insurance carrier directly regarding cancellation policies.

How do I view what else is in my AOL plan?

To view what your plan has to offer, check out your AOL MyBenefits page at