Navigate AOL Desktop Gold with keyboard shortcuts

In addition to the keyword feature, Desktop Gold offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts that facilitate navigating the software. For example, you can open and close windows or menus, reload a webpage, and open a new browser tab just by using a combination of keys.

General shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutAction
control  + tabCycles through open windows.
control + shift + tabCycles through open windows in the opposite direction.
control + oOpens a file browser where you can select files that are supported by Desktop Gold.

Browser shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutAction
control + nOpens a new browser page.
control + tOpens a new tab in the browser.
f5Reloads the webpage that is currently open.
alt + homeOpens your homepage.
control + lFocuses the URL field on the toolbar.
escapeStops a webpage from being loaded.
control + shift + f4Closes the browser tab that is being used.

Mail shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutAction
control + mOpens the Write Mail window.
control + sSaves the email that is currently open.
control + enterSend the email that is currently open.
control + jFocuses the Read Mail icon in the toolbar.

Favorites shortcuts

Keyboard shortcutAction
alt + vOpens the Favorites QuickView menu.
control + shift + fAdds the current site to Favorites.