Your inbox can easily become a sea of emails, making it hard to find what you need when you need it. Quickly find related emails in specific categories, like Receipts, Shopping, and more by using the Views feature on the bottom of your screen.

Click any Views category to browse for related emails to read, download, or forward.
• News or Home - See the latest news.
• Videos - Latest videos from around the world.
• Shopping - Latest news and promotions from your favorite brands which can be filtered further using the filters at the top of your screen including Gift Cards, Products etc.
• Tap on More to see more views:
 - Receipts - Manage and track your purchases in one place. - US only.
 - Subscriptions - Mailing lists, subscriptions and newsletters.
 - Contacts - Opens your contacts pane.
 - Search - Find what you are searching on AOL website.

Tip icon. Based on your region or device - Some of the views may not be available.