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Netscape ISP Plans

Invest in a Netscape ISP plan so you can browse and communicate online with more peace of mind. Check out the Netscape plans below to see what products and services are included.

Netscape Internet Service Plan Overview

Netscape Internet Service powered by AOL partners with top identity protection and data security businesses, bundling multiple state-of-the-art services like McAfee® Multi Access to help provide an all-in-one comprehensive and affordable approach to help keep your data safe from online threats.

All Netscape Internet Service plans include:
  • Netscape Internet Service Software,
  • Netscape Accelerator and Netscape Email.
Depending on your plan, other features may be included like Netscape PC Virus provided by McAfee.

Netscape Internet Service Plans

  • Netscape ISP Basic
  • Netscape ISP Essentials
  • Netscape ISP Essentials Plus
  • Netscape ISP Plus
  • Netscape ISP Premium
  • Netscape ISP Premium Plus
If you need more information about your plan visit or call Customer Service toll-free  at 866-541-8233 (Mon-Fri: 8 am to 1 am ET ; Sat-Sun: 10 am to 10 pm ET).