Overview of AOL Mail Plus

AOL Mail Plus offers a premium email experience on the AOL mobile app. It removes distractions and gives you greater control of your inbox with an ad-free email experience, premium customization options, and enhanced organization features. AOL Mail Plus is available on iOS and Android in the US only.

No ads

With no ads in your inbox, you no longer have to worry about ads taking up space on your screen or distracting you from what you really came to your inbox to do.

Set your default app landing screen

Do you prefer to go directly to your inbox when you open your app? Now you can. Customize the screen you see first when you open the AOL app.

Additional benefits and perks

AOL Mail Plus members also benefit from:

Ad-lite throughout AOL app article pages - Most of the ads are removed to give you more room to focus with fewer distractions. You may encounter minimal ads from time to time due to contractual obligations related to certain ad types.
Seamless message navigation - Customize navigation when moving or deleting an email on your mobile device.
Hide deal summaries - Remove retailer discount recommendations from the top of emails.
No account expiration - With an active AOL Mail Plus subscription, your emails won’t get deleted if there are long periods of email inactivity.