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Overview of AOL Mail

AOL Mail is always looking to improve on the features you know and love, while also ensuring the best safety and performance. Although you can't switch back to the classic version of AOL Mail, you can continue to enjoy your favorite features and many new ones as well.

Features you know and love

From customizing the notification sound you'll get when you receive a new email to eliminating unwanted emails by enabling the option to only receive messages from senders who are in your contact list, AOL Mail has all your favorite classic Mail features.

Improved utilities in your mailbox

Organize your life right from your AOL Mail account and never worry about missing important info or events again.

Personalize your Mail experience

Choose a theme that reflects your mood or simply opt for a color that matches your eyes, change your message layout, enable the message preview pane and select appropriate inbox spacing to customize your Inbox and create the perfect email experience.

  • Theme - Decide on a color scheme and choose how it's applied to your Inbox.
  • Enlarged text size - Increase the text size of your entire Mailbox to make things easier to read.
  • Message layout and inbox spacing - Read your emails and view your unopened messages in your Inbox at the same time.


Sort your inbox with Views

Your inbox can easily become a sea of emails, making it hard to find what you need when you need it. Find related emails in specific categories, like Photos, Documents, and Travel by using the Views feature on the left hand side of your Inbox. Click any Views category to browse for related emails to read, download, or forward.

  • Contacts - Filter your messages by who sent them to you.
  • Documents - Filter messages to show any with documents attached.
  • Photos - Filter messages to show only those with photos attached to them.
  • Travel - Filter messages to show those related to travel, including flight details and boarding info.
  • Subscriptions - Filter messages to show only those from businesses you've subscribed to receiving emails.


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