AOL securely stores your payment method for all the paid AOL services you enjoy. While we do accept most major credit cards, we can't take cash, checks, money orders, or prepaid credit/gift cards.

Credit or debit cards

• American Express
• Visa (credit or debit)
• Discover (credit or debit)
• MasterCard (credit or debit)

Direct debit from a checking account

You can opt to have your subscription fee automatically withdrawn from your checking account each month. Keep in mind there's a $5 or $7 handling fee for each billing period.

Entering your payment info

When adding a new payment method, keep the following in mind:

• Enter your card number without hyphens.
• Check that the expiration date you enter matches the info on your card.
• Make sure the billing address you entered matches exactly what's on record with your bank.