Photobucket by AOL has been discontinued

Photobucket by AOL was removed from all AOL plans on September 30, 2019. An email was sent out on July 30, 2019 giving advance notice of this change.

Why is this product going away?

We appreciate your business and thank you for being a valued AOL Member. AOL has reviewed member benefits and industry trends and decided a new member benefits direction was needed.

How does this change affect my AOL account?

Beginning September 30, 2019, you’ll no longer have access to photo storage through your Photobucket account. You will still retain your AOL account and the associated benefits that come with it. Visit AOL MyBenefits to see which features are included in your AOL Plan.

Will Photobucket by AOL be replaced with another product in the AOL free plan?

Another product will not be substituted at this time.

Will I still have access to my photos and videos in Photobucket?

Your photos and videos will remain in Photobucket. Members will be moved to a standard free Photobucket plan after September 30, 2019. The plan includes up to 250 photos or 2.5GB of storage. Note: This site may not have a photo download function.

What if I already have over 250 photos or 2.5GB of storage?

Members who currently have over 250 photos or 2.5GB of storage will keep their data at no additional cost. To add more storage, you can upgrade to a paid Photobucket plan or another third party product.

Is there a comparable product for Photobucket by AOL?

While AOL is not able to recommend a comparable product, there are other online photo and media storage providers available.

Where do I go for support if I have questions about Photobucket?