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PRIVATE WiFi Member Benefit FAQs

What is PRIVATE WiFi™?

PRIVATE WiFi is a virtual private network (VPN) software that protects your identity and sensitive information by encrypting everything you send and receive over public WiFi networks so that your online activity is invisible to threats. For more information, please visit

Is PRIVATE WiFi™ free?

PRIVATE WiFi is included in certain AOL Advantage Plans at no additional cost.

Am I eligible for PRIVATE WiFi™?

Certain AOL Advantage Plans are eligible for PRIVATE WiFi. To view what your AOL Plan has to offer, check out your AOL MyBenefits page at

How do I download and install PRIVATE WiFi™?

To download and install PRIVATE WiFi, visit and click DOWNLOAD NOW. Check out our article Loading, activating and deactivating PRIVATE WiFi™ for step-by-step installation instructions.

Alternatively, you can activate PRIVATE WiFi through Simply sign in with your Username or Email and Password. Next, locate the PRIVATE WiFi plan feature and then click Download Now. Follow the on-screen instructions to begin installing PRIVATE WiFi.

How does PRIVATE WiFi™ work?

Once downloaded, PRIVATE WiFi works on top of your existing WiFi connection by building an encrypted tunnel that safely connects you to a secure internet gateway. At this point, all internet data passing through your connection is invisible and untraceable.

  • PRIVATE WiFi assigns you an anonymous, untraceable IP address that hides your actual IP address and location.
  • PRIVATE WiFi solves the inherent security problems of public WiFi hotspots by giving you the same encryption technology used by corporations, big banks and the government.

Will PRIVATE WiFi™ work on my computer?

PRIVATE WiFi is compatible with PCs and Macs; however, PRIVATE WiFi is not compatible with Macs made prior to 2006.

How do I get customer support for PRIVATE WiFi™?

For PRIVATE WiFi customer support, please visit and fill out our Contact Form. You will receive a response within 12 hours.

What happens to my PRIVATE WiFi™ benefit if I change my AOL Advantage Plan or cancel my AOL account?

Only certain AOL Advantage Plans are eligible for PRIVATE WiFi. 

If you choose to cancel your AOL membership, this will also cancel PRIVATE WiFi. If the cancellation is pending your next billing date, PRIVATE WiFi will remain active until the cancellation of your AOL account is complete.