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AOL has a large amount of content, features and products that you might have some questions or comments about. There are different communication options for any type of inquiry and ways to report any inappropriate comments or content on our network. We make it possible for you to reach out to us at your convenience.

Provide feedback

Have a suggestion or comment about improving We'd love to hear from you! Visit our feedback form to leave an idea or feedback for our team. We collect and review all submitted feedback on a regular basis. You can also vote up existing ideas or post new feedback for the team.

To search and vote for an existing idea or feedback:

1. Scroll to the bottom of the AOL Homepage.
2. Click feedback.
3. Enter your feedback and related submissions will generate.
4. Click vote next to any feedback suggestions you agree with.

Report content or comments

We try to keep our sites as wholesome and appropriate as possible. At times people will post comments or content that is inappropriate. If you experience anything like this, please report the comments to us or submit feedback.

If someone’s posting or spamming comments that contain racial slurs, vulgarity or anything inappropriate, please use the report feature that’s available in the comment system.

To report a comment:

1. Go to the comment you are reporting.
2. Select the Drop-Down Arrow on the far right-hand corner of the text-box.
3. Click report.

If you come across an article with inappropriate or incorrect information, please let us know by submitting a feedback form.