Questions about checking and bill surcharges

Are you using a checking account to pay your monthly AOL fees? If so, there is a surcharge for that service. Here’s the good news: In addition to a checking account, we offer several surcharge-free credit card payment methods; so, if you don’t want to pay this monthly surcharge, follow the link to learn how you can change your payment method.


Why is my bill higher this month?

If it suddenly looks as if we charged you more this month than previous months, it might be because you use a checking account to pay your monthly fees, which comes with a surcharge.

We apply sales tax to your monthly membership fee – based on your state and local tax regulations and rates – which could account for the remainder of the fee increase you may have noticed.

You can see a detailed breakdown of your monthly bill by signing in to My Account.

Why does AOL need to charge this fee just because I use my checking account to pay my bill?

Have you ever withdrawn money from an ATM that didn’t belong to your bank? You had to pay a fee, right? This is a similar situation. AOL pays extra expenses whenever we process a payment from a checking account, so the fee allows us to continue offering you the option to pay your monthly bill without using a credit card. If you want to avoid paying this fee, you can learn how to change your payment method or go directly to My Account and choose a different payment option.

Note: Debit and check cards count as credit cards! To avoid the surcharge, change your payment method to the Visa, MasterCard or Discover associated with your checking account.

What if I don’t have another payment option?

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience the surcharge may have caused, but it allows us to continue offering flexible payment options.