You can use your AOL Username or any other email to purchase AOL Premium Subscription products or services.

If you’re an AOL user but aren’t sure if you have a payment method listed on your account, go to My Account and sign in. After you sign in, click My Wallet | Payment Methods to check if you have billing details. Once you know your payment method status, follow the applicable set of instructions below to learn how to purchase an AOL Premium Subscription product or service.

Purchasing AOL Premium Subscription products or services:

You can purchase AOL Premium Subscription products by visiting any product detail page and clicking the TRY IT FREE / PURCHASE NOW button. From there, please follow the steps below to complete your purchase.

1. If you have an AOL account, click Sign in and purchase now! If you do not have an AOL account, you can create one by entering your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Email Confirm, Password and Password Confirm.

2. If you have not provided your payment information, please do so:

  • Enter your First Name, Last Name, Billing Address, Card Type, Card Number, Apt/Unit, City/Town, Expiration Date, Security Code, State and Zip Code.

3. If you have already provided your payment information, please select from the list of available options.

4. If you would like to pay using a new form of payment, please click Add New and follow the directions in step 2.

5. Review the Terms and Conditions and click COMPLETE PURCHASE.

6. The Order Confirmation screen will display, containing your Billing Confirmation and Order Summary.

Congratulations! We hope you enjoy your AOL Premium Subscription product!