Tips to create a strong password

A strong password is your first line of defense against intruders and imposters. Here are some helpful tips on creating a secure password so you can make sure your information remains safe.

Create a strong password

Use unique words - Don't use obvious words like "password".
Have 12 or more characters - Longer passwords are more secure.
Don't be obvious - Don't use personal information like your name, AOL ID, birthday, etc.
Avoid sequences or repeated characters - Don't use adjacent characters on your keyboard (QWERTY).
Use a different password for each site - Otherwise, if someone acquires one password, they could use it to access all of your accounts.

Additional password tips

Don't recycle them - Create new, unique passwords.
Use antivirus software - Equip your computer with antivirus software.
Don't share it - Never give out your password to anyone, not even friends.
Keep it fresh - Change your password regularly. The more often, the better.
Be cautious - If you're being asked to change your password, make sure it's a legitimate request.
Type it out - Instead of clicking a link in an email, type the website's known and valid URL (such as into your browser's address bar.