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Fix problems with Games on

Select from the topics below to find solutions to common issues experienced on Games on

Sign in problems

Having issues signing in to Games on Check out our password support article.

Virus warning

Temporarily disable your security application, such as your firewall or antivirus program, until you've successfully launched your game. Re-enable your security software immediately afterwards

Some antivirus or personal firewall applications incorrectly identify our games as viruses and disrupt or block the game.

Missing games

The games on are hosted by outside partners, and our contracts with these partners can end. Once a partnership ends, Games on can't host these games on our site.

Games slow or not loading

If you're having trouble loading or playing a game, try these to fix your issue:

• Restart your computer.
Clear cookies, cache, history and footprints in your browser.
• Check that Games on windows aren't blocked by your pop-up blocker.
• Update your video card drivers. See your computer manufacturer's manual or visit your video card manufacturer's website for more information.