Use keyboard shortcuts to control video content on AOL

AOL supports assistive technologies like screen readers and keyboard shortcuts and can be used without a mouse. Two such screen readers are NVDA, which supports email clients and web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox; and JAWS which supports web browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and Edge.

Keyboard shortcuts can be used to control the unified player on AOL video content.

Unified Player keyboard shortcuts

ControlKeyboard Shortcut
Toggles Play and Pause Enter
Play/Pause but also stops page scrolling Space
If in fullscreen, takes back to the normal screen Esc
Seeks forward 5 seconds Left arrow
Seeks backward 5 seconds Right arrow
Increase volume by 5% of the maximum Up arrow
Decrease volume by 5% of the maximum Down arrow
Enters or exits fullscreen mode F
Mutes or unmutes the player volume M
Shows or hides closed captions if available C
Rewinds the playback to the beginning 0
Reply all A
Positions the play head to a predefined position. For example, on pressing key 1, playback is positioned to 10% of the timeline; pressing key 9, playback is positioned to 90% of the video. 1-9