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Ad-Free - FAQs

With Ad-Free, you’ll no longer see banner ads on the website. See the FAQs below for more information about this product and certain ad-removal restrictions.


What are banner ads?

When you visit, you’ve probably noticed banner ads mixed in with the news stories and other content. These advertisements typically appear at the top or right side of the page, sometimes even expanding over your screen. With Ad-Free, you’ll no longer see these ads.

Does this work on AOL Desktop?

The product works when you visit on any web browser, including the browser within the AOL Desktop client.

Why am I still seeing popups on

The popups you’re seeing on are promotions for AOL products and brands. With Ad-Free, only banner ads are removed from your experience. You may opt out of AOL Webmail Popups separately, by visiting

Will this block all ads?

Although you'll no longer see banner ads, you'll continue to see sponsored articles and content from our partners, as well as video ads. Also, you may see ads on the Sign In and Sign Out pages since these ads are not within the experience.

How do I purchase Ad-Free

If you would like to purchase Ad-Free, click here. This product is available to anyone with an AOL account.

How do I purchase Ad-Free for another username?

Unfortunately, at this time, you can only purchase Ad-Free for your own username. Other usernames on your account may purchase Ad-Free separately here.

Do I need to activate Ad-Free after I purchase?

No. You don’t need to activate Ad-Free after you purchase. Banner ads will automatically be removed for the username that purchased the subscription at time of purchase.

How do I receive support?

To manage or cancel your account, review our 'Cancel or reactivate your AOL account' help article. For billing or cancellation requests, you may also call 1-866-485-9217.